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SHOCKING! Dietitians Found Out Honey Stick Packaging Is The Best Way To Eat Pure Honey For Health!

Posted On October 18, 2021

Why honey is good for your health? Is a spoonful of honey a day good for you?

Honey is basically sugar. A Natural sugar that contains vitamins and minerals. Eating honey could enhance antioxidant activity in your body which protect you from heart disease and cancer.

For parents that seek for natural remedies to treat their kid’s cough and colds, honey is recommended. That’s why most dietician and doctors recommend practicing honey for a better health.

But, what is the best way to consume honey so that you can practice it regularly? Why do honey sticks is the one that recommended by dietitian?

Read this 5 reasons why honey stick packaging is the best way to eat honey for health.

Honey consumption in control

Why you need to control your honey consumption?

Yes honey is good for your health. But, moderation is better. If you over took honey, you may have several effects on your health soon or later.

The reason why honey is form in stick is to control the consumption of honey. Sometimes, if you take honey by using spoon, size of spoon might differ which makes the amount of consumption not precise. 7gm of honey per stick and you are recommended to take 2 sticks per day. This is the smartest way for you to eat honey.

Removes the hassle of eating from spoons

You still willing to eat honey for breakfast even you are late for work. Honey stick is the perfect choice. A complete nutrition for your breakfast and best to eat while empty stomach.

You can also put a stick or two in your pocket and bring it anywhere you go.

Ways to avoid using metal spoon

Have you ever heard a myth, “don’t eat honey with metal spoon”?

Actually it’s a fact! Do not use a metal spoon as honey has an acidic pH and reacts with a metallic surface.

This is true to an extent as the reaction may damage and reduce honey’s healing properties. Honey sticks is the safe way for you to consume honey since the packaging is made of plastic.

Attractive for kids to eat.

Kids might think it’s a medicine if you try to give them honey from a bottle. Interestingly, honey stick attract them to eat and they enjoy it!

Try to do this experiment to your kids and see their reaction. But at first, add to cart BeeBudz® honey sticks with berries and make a purchase.


The invention of honey stick is just perfect. The portion size is accordingly and you don’t have to worry if honey will drip because honey stick was made for you to sip honey.

Our tips: If you are beginning to eat pure honey, go for Pure Honey Sticks (for example, BeeBudz Pure Honey Stick!). They basically contain the same organic wildflower honey goodness, nutritional value, and benefits, with an added convenience in packaging.



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