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Stop Feeding Your Kids Desserts For Breakfast!

Posted On January 12, 2021

Have you ever realized that some of the breakfast meals we provide for our children are actually desserts in different names? For example, pancakes. They are basically regular sponge cakes fried instead of baked, and cereals are sugar carbs eaten in a sugar milk soup.

At the time where meals are supposed to be the healthiest; why do we spike their blood sugar up with grams of sugar? Aren’t you worried about ADHD? Yes, if too much at an early age, they are at risk of hyperactivity.

But aside from pancakes and cereals, what are other ‘dessert’ breakfast menus that contain loads of sugar? And how bad can these foods endanger our kids’ health at a young age? Let’s explore!

Breakfast Muffin

Eating cakes in the morning sounds ridiculous, right! But what makes muffins an exception? They are basically cakes made into tiny portions! The ingredients are still the same; flour, sugar, butter, banana, chocolate, baking powder, etc. Even though eating one appears less guilty than a slice of cake, you’d be surprised to find the calorific values are the same.

Granola and Yogurt

Many assumed granola and yogurt are healthy breakfast options. Sure, yogurt can be a good option, but only if you purchase plain or make your own granola. Pretty much every other flavor is loaded with sugars. Treat them as treat meals, not daily breakfast. Sugary options can potentially lead to weight gain too.

Toasts with spread

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ toast in the morning? They are quick and easy and definitely filling. Though initially, they are healthy, adding sugar spread on top, like fruit-flavored jams or hazelnut chocolate, can be dangerous. Do you notice that when you eat these spreads daily, you are more likely to put more on the following days, because weirdly, they are “less sweet”! Beware, that might be a sign of sugar addiction.

Potential risks of “dessert” breakfasts

Eating an unhealthy diet every day sets your kids for many unwanted health concerns. The most common complications are:

  • Sudden sugar spike in the bloodstream.
  • Gets hungry faster, which leads them to want more calories to sustain their energy.
  • Excessive carbs in the system.
  • Obesity and Type-2 Diabetes.
  • Hyperactivity (ADHD), mood swings, and tantrums.
  • Skin problems like acne during teenage years.

It’s not too late to change their habits. As long as they are not diagnosed with sugar addiction, you can still make a change for the better! What you can do is choose healthier options; for example, replace processed sugar with honey!

Honey proves better than sugar.

Studies have proven that honey, in so many ways, is 1000 times better than regular processed white sugar! They give your kids essential vitamins and antioxidants that can help your little ones grow better and healthier.

Better learning, improved memory, boosted immune system, well-energized, and better digestion are only little chunks of the wonder of honey!

You wanted your kids to be leaders of the world, right? But what leaders do good when they are sick every day?

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