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Can honey be used as a substitute for prescribed medicines?

There is no scientific backup for honey to substitute prescribed medicines. However, honey has been used in centuries and possesses many health benefits to the body from hair to toe. It is well-documented that honey is a powerful antibacterial agent. The following are the health benefits you can gain from honey consumption:

  • Honey heals wounds, burns, and eye infections.
  • Research supports there are benefits of using honey for allergies. If you aren’t sure, give it a try by consuming a teaspoon of pure natural honey once daily for a month and see if you notice any difference.
  • MDs, naturopaths, and other healthcare practitioners have advocated a daily honey regimen to strengthen the immune system and ward off disease.
  • Honey is a nutritious complement to your regular supplements and diets, providing extra vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals derived from plants.
  • Delay aging and thwart degenerative conditions such as heart disease and cancer as honey contains bioavailable antioxidants.
  • Enhance calcium absorption with vitamin D and sugars naturally found in honey.
  • An excellent natural energy source without sugar spikes from the unprocessed sugars in honey, especially for athletes.
Are natural remedies like honey works better than prescribed medicines?

As published by Public Health Malaysia in recent article, recent systematic research and analysis have found that honey works better than some prescribed medicines, especially antibiotics in relieving symptoms of respiratory infections like cough, colds, and sore throats.

Can babies and pregnant mothers consume honey?

Pregnant mothers can consume honey, however, it is not safe for babies. Unfiltered honey may contain bacteria that can linger in babies’ guts and cause infant botulism. Babies’ intestines are not mature enough to break down these bacteria, hence it is not advisable to feed honey until the baby is at least 12 months old.

Which chronic illnesses can honey help to treat?

According to modern scientific research, honey may be useful in treating some illnesses and has protective effects against some disease such as:

  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Respiratory problems
  • Gastrointestinal symptoms
  • Cardiovascular ailments
  • Nervous system illness
  • Cancerous cell growth.
How to test honey authenticity?

Before doing any tests, one basic and incredibly straightforward way to answer the question “how to check the purity of honey” is to read the label on the packaging. Manufacturers are required to specify the additives and additional ingredients used in the production of the honey. However, we recommend you to learn how to spot between fake and pure honey.

There are 4 tips on how to check the authenticity of honey at home:

  1. The thumb test
    • Drop a small dollop of honey on your thumb
    • Check to see if it spills or spreads around
    • If it spreads, it is not pure
    • Pure honey will stay intact on your thumb
  1. The water test
    • Fill a glass with water
    • Add one tablespoon of honey into the glass
    • Adulterated or artificial honey will dissolve around the glass in the water.
    • Pure honey will settle right at the bottom of your glass.
  1. The flame tests
    • Take a dry matchstick
    • Dip its tip right into the honey
    • Strike the stick on the matchbox as if to light it
    • If the honey is pure, the matchstick will light with ease
    • The flame will also keep burning off the honey
    • However, if it is with impurities, it will not light because fake honey contains moisture as one of the impurities

Another common method to tell the difference is as follows:

  • Add some water and 2-3 drops of vinegar into the honey and mix well. If the solution becomes foamy, that is adulterated honey.
Is honey good for treating acne and dry skin?

Yes, honey is good for treating existing acne and preventing future acne. Honey is known to have natural antibacterial and calming qualities owing to its enzymatic production of hydrogen peroxide. It is also a natural hydrating moisturizer, good for dry skin. Applying a bit of honey onto the skin can deliver a soothing effect, fight free radical damage and pollution with its antioxidant properties & smooth and soften the complexion.

How can honey work the same as antibiotics?

Antibiotics are used to kill bacteria growth. Honey contains hydrogen peroxide which may account for some of its antibacterial properties. It also has a high natural sugar content, which can help to stop the growth of certain bacteria.

Can pollen allergy individuals consume honey?

Avoid honey if you are allergic to pollen. This is because honey is made from pollen that can cause an allergic reaction.

My honey crystallized. What does this mean? Is it expired?

Crystallized honey is normal and is not a sign of expiration. When honey crystallizes, it means the honey is real and not pasteurized. Pure honey won’t change its taste or smell even after it crystallizes.

Tips:  Put your honey jar into warm water and stir well. The process will de-crystallize the honey and make it viscous again. (Don’t use hot water since high heat can damage the honey. Always de-crystallize honey in a glass jar.)

Is honey vegan?

No. Vegans often avoid consuming honey to take a stand against bee exploitation and farming practices that are thought to harm bee health.

How can honey help in weight loss?

Honey does not directly contribute to weight loss, but it acts as a natural fuel to enforce the liver to produce glucose. This glucose keeps the brain sugar levels high and forces it to release fat-burning hormones. When you start replacing white sugars with honey, you are re-balancing the brain signal which will ultimately help you restrain from consuming more sweets.

Does honey expire?

Natural, properly preserved honey will not expire. The sugar content and the low pH level in honey, as well as the bee’s honey-making process, do not allow other spoiling organisms to survive in honey.

Can honey cure COVID-19?
At the moment, there is no specific treatment to fight off the Corona-virus. However, many of the symptoms can be treated and appropriate treatments are given based on the patient’s clinical condition. However, the consumption of honey can positively increase the immune system, which may prevent oneself from getting infected easily.
If I eat honey alongside prescribed medicines, will there be any side effects?

There may be side effects if you eat honey alongside prescribed medicine. For example:

  • Medications that slow blood clotting (Anticoagulant / Antiplatelet drugs) – Honey might slow blood clotting. In theory, taking honey along with medications that also slow clotting might increase the chances of bruising and bleeding.
  • Some examples of medication that slow blood clotting include such as aspirin.
  • Some medication is broken down by the liver – Taking honey alongside medicines that are broken down by the liver may cause the liver to take more time to breakdown medications and may cause side effects from the medications. Before consuming honey, talk to your health-care provider if you are taking any medication that is broken down by the liver.


How to use BeeBudz® honey in treating cough, flu, and sore throat?

BeeBudz® honey is a great natural remedy for soothing cough, flu, and sore throat. Just simply dilute 1 tablespoon of BeeBudz® Natural Pure Honey or BeeBudz® Honey Lemon with warm water and drink it regularly for optimum effect.

What is the recommended amount to consume BeeBudz® on the daily?

We recommend not to consume more than 6 teaspoons (2 tablespoons) per day, and that’s if BeeBudz® honey is the ONLY sugar you’re eating.

Is BeeBudz® honey pregnant mother-friendly?

Yes, BeeBudz® Honey is suitable for all, except infants below 1 year.

How can BeeBudz® honey improve my overall health?

BeeBudz® Honey can help to improve the overall health my naturally strengthening up the immune system. This is done by removing unwanted radicals from your system through organic antioxidants and enzymes.

Is BeeBudz® honey safe to use as a DIY skincare ingredient?

Yes, we even made our lips scrub during our past event. You should try it! There are more DIY skincare regimens you can do with honey. Check out our Blog to find out some of our secrets.

What is the difference between BeeBudz® Pure Honey and BeeBudz® Pure Tualang Honey?

BeeBudz® Pure Honey is made of 100% pure organic honey harvested from the local multi-floral honeycombs in Malaysia, whilst BeeBudz® Tualang Honey is made of 100% authentic Tualang honey (Apis Dorsata) harvested that has been ethically harvested from the beehives in the Tasik Kenyir rainforest.

Where does the sweetness in sugar comes from if no sugar is added?

Unlike processed sugars, BeeBudz® Honey gets its sweetness from the natural glucose and fructose that are readily infused within the honey. So the sweetness you taste when consuming BeeBudz® Honey is the exact sweetness you’ll get if consume straight from the honeycombs.

Is BeeBudz® honey certified 100% authentic?

Yes, the honey used to make BeeBudz® Honey is certified 100% authentic. We’ve made the purity test of BeeBudz® Honey conducted by GENOM Malaysia through RapidRAW Honey Analysis and the results are 100% pure.

Unlike processed sugars, BeeBudz® Honey gets its sweetness from the natural glucose and fructose that are readily infused within the honey. So the sweetness you taste when consuming BeeBudz® Honey is the exact sweetness you’ll get if consume straight from the honeycombs.

Can I consume BeeBudz® honey if I have a pollen allergy?

While allergy shots have been proven to be effective, honey hasn’t. When a person eats local honey, they are thought to be ingesting local pollen. Over time, a person may become less sensitive to this pollen. As a result, they may experience fewer seasonal allergy symptoms.

How should I store BeeBudz® honey? Refrigerate or put in room temperature?

It is better to store our honey at room temperature, but please keep away from direct sunlight. This is to prevent the honey to crystallize quicker (which doesn’t mean it’s expired) and to make it easier to be consumed whenever you like.

Is BeeBudz® a local product?

Yes, BeeBudz® Honey is a Malaysian product. Our honey harvested from local bee sources. Only our natural fruit extracts are imported from Italy.

I’m trying to lose weight. What is the recommended consumption of BeeBudz® honey?

One of the best ways to consume honey for weight loss is by having a teaspoon of honey before bedtime. Doing so will help the body burn more fat during the early hours of your sleep. Honey is also known to have the power of suppressing the appetite.

How long can BeeBudz® honey last?

Our shelf life is estimated to be around 2 years. However, if you experience any unpleasantness before the 2 years mark (which is very unlikely), we recommend stopping consuming it immediately.

I’m having digestive troubles after consuming BeeBudz® honey. How should I approach this?

If you’re having digestive troubles right after you try our products, please stop consuming and consult yourself with a doctor. BeeBudz® honey is made to be 100% natural, so there should be no harmful ingredients that can affect your health.

Why is the color of my Tualang Honey change over time?

Tualang Honey is exotic honey, made 100% naturally without human disturbance. It may have different colors and tastes too, depending on the region, acidity, and weather where the nectars are collected.

So, if you see your Tualang Honey changes color, do not panic. It only means that the honey reacts to the surrounding environment—humidity, temperature, and storage—and is still safe to be consumed.


What should I do if I show allergy symptoms after consuming BeeBudz®?

While honey has some natural health benefits such as natural healing treatment, antioxidant, antimicrobial, and common remedy for cough, based on what is stated on healthline.com with the topic Honey as an allergen, it’s also possible for some people to develop an allergic reaction to it. When honey is produced, it can be mixed with bee pollen and pollen from other plants and trees. If you’re allergic to pollen, you may experience allergic reactions to some types of honey. In many cases, this makes pollen the allergen, rather than the honey itself.

Symptoms from a honey allergy may resemble common pollen allergy symptoms, such as a runny nose, swelling, rashes, and more. Symptoms may vary depending on the severity of your allergy. Eating honey or skin coming into contact with honey can trigger an allergic reaction. In more severe cases, if you begin to experience irregular symptoms after consuming honey, schedule a visit with your doctor. As with many allergens, not receiving treatment can cause serious complications.

Furthermore, honey has the potential to carry Clostridium bacteria, which is commonly found in dirt and dust. If young children ingest Clostridium, the bacteria can multiply in their intestines and affect their nervous system. This condition is known as infant botulism. Though rare, it can cause life-threatening complications. These include muscle weakness and breathing issues. It can also be fatal. If your infant begins to show any of these irregular symptoms, seek immediate medical attention.

In conclusion, an allergic reaction to honey may also be an indication of an underlying allergy to pollen or another substance. Since Beebudz® Honey is made of multi-floral honey, pollen substances might be included. If you’re unsure whether you’re allergic to honey, the best treatment is to avoid it. Discuss your symptoms and concerns with your doctor to prevent any adverse reactions.

You can treat your symptoms with a common over-the-counter antihistamine like Benadryl. If your symptoms worsen or don’t improve after an hour, seek immediate medical attention.

Will my order affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

We are still running the business as usual and we are very well-kept in following the guidelines and preventive measures that have been issued by the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH).

  • We practice optimal hygiene practices at all times
  • Staff is required to wear masks when performing tasks.
  • We practice social distancing
  • Procedure for delivery of each postal item is ensured to be contactless delivery to avoid the risk of infection.
  • Any changes in the postal delivery process must be notified to customers effectively.
Is there a maximum amount for a single purchase?

For now, there is no limit to the order. You can order as much as you can! We will be glad that you believed in our products. Thank you for being a fantastic customer!

Does any retail store carry BeeBudz® honey range?

Of course! You can found us at:-

  • Farmasi anda, Taman Melawati.
  • Shell, Pandan Indah.
  • Restoran Asam Pedas Muar, Setapak.
  • Raudah Grocer at Malakat Mall, Cyberjaya.
Does BeeBudz® ship outside of Malaysia?

Unfortunately, we are yet to fly our products outside of Malaysia. But if you are outside of Malaysia and you are interested in BeeBudz® honey, kindly contact us now!