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BeeBudz® Cough Relief Combo

BeeBudz® Cough Relief Combo

Fevers, dry coughs and sore throats; If you are worried that you or anyone in your family might have these symptoms, we’re here to help you.

With a pleasant sweet viscosity and a tinge of floral note, BeeBudz® Cough Relief Combo contains natural fructose, glucose and sucrose to deliver beneficiary effects to your body. It is also rich in natural antibacteria and antimicrobial properties, making it an effective alternative in treating sore throats, blocked nose and coughs.

What’s inside the combo?

✔️ 1 x Bottle of Pure Wildflower Honey (350gm)
✔️ 1 x Canister of Pure Wildflower Honey Sticks with Lemon (50 sticks, 7gm each)

No added sugar, no preservatives, no artificial ingredients and also, HALAL-Certified by JAKIM, so no more doubts! Perfect for natural cough relief & home remedy. 😍

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Pure Wildflower Honey Sticks with Lemon

Pure Wildflower Honey Sticks with Lemon

BeeBudz® Pure Honey with Lemon is Malaysia’s first of its kind 100% pure honey blended with natural lemon extract. Consumed as a cough relief or for those who loves to drink honey lemon tea either on its own or with tea.

Comes in 50 sticks, 7gm each making it easier to measure your honey intake. Suitable for those who loves snacking and are always on the go.

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