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Our Story

How Two Mommies Bee-gan BeeBudz®

BeeBudz® Founders
From left: Hazian (Managing Director), Ty Zariah (Creative Director)

Purity Test on BeeBudz® Honey – Results: 100% Pure
Conducted by GENOM Malaysia through RapidRAW Honey Analysis

When we started BeeBudz®, we wanted to make something that brings values to friends and families. It all happened when two lovely mommies realized that their kids have been snacking on unhealthy titbits way too often. And it was that moment when they decided to replace their chocolates and candies into something much healthier.

And the answer is HONEY!

Honey satisfies those sweet cravings yet promotes much healthier effects on the body.

However, a constant dilemma we Malaysians have when it comes to finding real honey in the market is that often we are tricked into buying “pure” honey that is in reality packed with invisible sugar. Even though labeled as “pure”, many are now afraid and hesitant to buy honey off the rack because they question its purity and validity. “Are they truly pure? Cheap honey must be fake!”

Instead of wishing for a healthier body, a wrong pick can lead to unwanted illnesses like diabetes.

But BeeBudz® is not like any other!

Every drop of BeeBudz® Honey is a 100% pure organic golden miracle farmed from local flower bee honeycombs across Malaysia. We don’t believe in extra sugar because the natural glucose and fructose in pure honey are sufficient enough to bring wonders to your health.

Purity Test on BeeBudz® Honey – Results: 100% Pure
Conducted by GENOM Malaysia through RapidRAW Honey Analysis

The fun doesn’t have to stop there!

For the adventurous souls looking for more than just ‘pure honey’, the special fruity twist blend like BeeBudz® Pure Honey with Lemon and BeeBudz® Pure Honey with Berries are some of our best sellers! Being unapologetically 100% organic, these honey are fused with premium fruit extracts imported from Italy. Just like their big sister, both flavors do not have a single additional sugar in it.

BeeBudz® came in mind to create a healthier family.

Ever since the beginning, BeeBudz® has always envisioned making a change for a healthier lifestyle, and we realized it starts with a healthier family. When we put out our products, we think of “what can make your family healthier?”. We don’t just want to create tasty sweet honey, instead, we focus on making delicious healthy honey that can be enjoyed by the whole family while promoting a better lifestyle. We are devoted to making your family healthier.

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