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Honey For Taste Is NOT The Same With Honey For Health

Posted On December 22, 2020

Before you shop, know the difference first!

If you are here, it is more likely that you do not know there is a difference between honey for taste and honey for health. Well, you are not alone. In fact, a large majority of regular honey consumers do not know this either. But why are there two types of honey to begin with?

Just like everything else that is sold in the market, there are always different grades of products. A jar of blackcurrant jam can be sold by one brand at RM8, while another sold theirs at RM15 each. Why is that?

The answer is the different target market.

So what about honey? Why is there a need to separate different types of honey? How do they differ? Is one type better than another? And if so, which type should you buy?

Lucky for you; you have the questions, we have the answers. So, let us get started!

What is honey for taste?

Generally, we can say that a large chunk of honey brands sold in supermarkets is honey made for taste. The majority of them have a similar consistency, packaging, color, and even sold at a low price point.

Just like its name, honey made for taste is genuinely manufactured to give consumers a sweet honey flavor. With that being said, they would do whatever it takes to produce the most honey-like flavor and texture. This may include the use of sugar substitutes, artificial flavorings, artificial colorings, stabilizers, preservatives, and more.

Usually, this type of honey will have a clear and smooth looking consistency. It is usually to be packaged in a squeezable plastic tube and has an expiration date.

Then what about honey for health?

Unlike the first type of honey, honey made for health is less likely to be manufactured. It is usually sold in raw form, unfiltered, and probably sold at a much higher price point.

Honey for health—many of us refer to as pure honey or raw honey—caters to people who seek more than just a honey taste. This type of honey comes in varying shades of deeper browns and yellows, and most of the time, sold at local markets in jar containers.

It is perfectly normal for this type of honey to have crystallization on its side. It is a sign of untouched purity. It is less likely to have an expiration date and is packed with natural flavors, enzymes, antioxidants, and therapeutic properties.

So, which one is better?

It depends, based on your purpose. If you just want to add a sweet honey flavor to your cooking or meal, the first type of honey gets the job done. But if you’re looking for something that can provide health benefits and improve you and your family’s overall well-being, the second one is much better!

But artificial honey should not be your #1 choice!

Although artificial honey is cheap and easily accessible, honey made for taste comes with plenty of invisible consequences. It substitutes pure honey with high fructose corn syrup, which relates to chronic health concerns such as diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, and even ADHD for kids.

Plus, honey made for taste has also undergone filtration and pasteurization, which killed almost 90% of its natural nutrients and enzymes. Added with the dangerous sugar substitutes, you will be consuming 100% sugar instead of honey! That is crazy!

Do you want to risk your family or yourself with early diabetes?

Then, do the right thing! Opt for healthy honey instead. Lucky for you, BeeBudz® Pure Honey has all the traits of honey made for health. 100% pure Malaysian honey, zero invisible sugar, no artificial ingredient; those are the promises of from BeeBudz® to all honey lovers out there.

BeeBudz® Pure Honey products are certified 100% pure by GENOM Malaysia, so they are safe for you and your family!

Let’s be a better consumer! Make smart choices! Choose the better honey! SHOP HERE — https://bit.ly/3h6Qlota


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