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Tualang Honey Changed Color? Don’t Panic! Read This!

Posted On April 21, 2021

If you have been a fan of honey, you might already know how magical and wonderful Tualang Honey is! Known as Malaysia’s most sought-after type of honey, this wild honey is famous for its rich content of nutrients and healing abilities.

Not only it is recommended by the locals, but recent studies have also pointed out its effectiveness in improving many aspects of human health, such as:

  • Kills unwanted “bad” microorganisms in the body
  • Helps cure external and internal wounds better
  • High in antioxidants
  • Treats and prevents tumor cells
  • Regulates blood sugar level for diabetic patient
  • Improves the treatment of breast cancer and leukemia
  • Balances hormones in a post-menopausal state
  • And many more…

Typically, Tualang Honey has a much darker shade of ember, almost dark brown. However, if your Tualang Honey has a much lighter shade and changes color over time, do not panic! Since this exotic honey is raised and produced naturally in the wild without any human disturbance, it may vary in consistency and color. Why is this?

Source location of the nectar

Since Tualang Honey was named after the tree where its honeycombs reside, the product may vary according to where the bees collect their nectar and pollen. Just like each state in Malaysia has its own geographical uniqueness, the same goes for the honey end-product.

For example, Tualang Honey harvested in the Borneo may appear darker and thicker compared to ones in the Peninsular. The darker the color, the more complex the nectar source.

Weather, humidity, and temperature.

The color change does not equate to bad. Though this may apply to others like milk, it is the opposite for honey. Actually, if your honey shows color changes, you should feel relieved. It means the product you bought is authentic and pure! Because of its organic nature, honey can be affected by these factors.

Let’s say you buy Tualang Honey from an online source, the color of the product arrived at you may differ from the one shown on their websites. The temperature change during shipping may affect the color.


“Store in a cold and dry place,” you must have read this a lot in so many products, especially in skincare and food items. Well, this is to ensure that the environment recommended can extend the shelf-life of the products and avoid unnecessary bacteria intrusion.

Similarly like honey, it is best to close-tight the jar/bottle after each use and store them in a cabinet. It is also recommended to put some moisture absorber inside the area as well.


The best way to make sure your Tualang Honey arrives in the best condition, look for products that are sealed with resealable caps and packaged inside tinted jars/bottles!

So, now that you have learned all these things, no need to worry about the color changes in your Tualang Honey anymore! If you have more questions, chat with via WhatsApp and we are more than happy to help you.

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